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Content Marketing Vs. SEO

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Content Marketing and SEO have many things in common and so often overlap and it becomes difficult to distinguish one from the other.
For SEO today the “content” is the main element and around good content it is easier to apply all the knowledge and SEO tactics.

But even if everyone already agrees that “content is king” , good content hidden in a webpage that no one visits is useless, so you have to get the content to be visited for you to have the opportunity of meeting your goal and to get this is what you need to use the SEO.

That’s why talking about SEO vs. SEO. Content Marketing does not make much sense and instead you should talk about:

Content Marketing + SEO = Visibility .

Bearing in mind that content is key to SEO, you also have to understand everything that SEO can bring to Content :

All the technical aspects of SEO help the user experience in relation to content: page load speed, which is responsive to be able to be seen on mobile devices, etc.

Quality links that enrich the depth of the text.

Organization, hierarchy and ease of reading the text.

Quality of titles and subtitlers.

Social networks are the perfect complement to both SEO and Content Marketing.

The only point of friction between the two is when deciding who should prevail over who, ie: Does the SEO have to be at the service of the content or the content have to be at the service of SEO?

This is where there is no homogeneity of opinions and there are people of weight in each of the positions.

What should be first?

Those who think that the first is Content Marketing start by getting to know their users and their concerns to the maximum to prepare texts that interest and that solve the problems and the doubts of its target audience. It begins to think in a text or a post thinking about what is going to write and how, to assure the maximum interest of the readers.

While those who think the first thing is SEO will start with the search for the most appropriate keywords. Use Google tools, Semrush or others to see which words are the most interesting for your positioning and then worry about preparing a suitable text that meets all SEO requirements to try to get the top positions in Google searches .

My personal opinion: The best bloggers I know are those who are able to perfectly combine Content Marketing and SEO . The most important thing is the content and its quality, but the content has to pay tolls to get a proper SEO and rank well in Google:

One must know how to choose the keywords and structure the SEO around: title, some repetition and order of appearance, etc.

Reach the minimum size (more than 300 words and currently the more the better).

The inclusion of suitable links.

Including images and rich content that loads properly, etc.

The key to success is to get texts of the highest quality that meet all SEO requirements, respecting the maximum orientation of the human reader, not the machines.

That’s why in Informa we have an agency specialized in content that is responsible for creating content other than our SEO agency that is responsible for reviewing and giving all updated recommendations to achieve the best possible SEO. The game of balance between the two is what makes us rank in the top positions of the most competitive words in our industry.


Marketing a Branded Content

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Content Marketing

Before talking about “Branded Content” we must explain the evolution of “Content Marketing”.

The market has already assumed that companies that want to sell online (ie all) can not simply be generators of products and services, but have to go a step further and generate online content with high added value. You have to know how to handle all the elements of Online Marketing.

The variety of so-called marketing content formats today is overwhelming. So to boat soon I can think of the following:

  • Freemium models (free product)
  • Previous analyzes
  • Infographics
  • Posts
  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Social networks
  • Whitepapers
  • Success stories
  • Journals


Strategic Positioning – Utility and errors to Avoid

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Strategic positioning: its usefulness and its errors

Many do not know what strategic positioning is and therefore do not care about it; others if they know something of theory and are only concerned about certain aspects and others believe that worrying about product, price, distribution and advertising ( the 4 ps of traditional marketing ) the positioning comes out alone, but everyone is wrong.

If you want to be successful with a company or with the product launch you have to worry at first about the strategic positioning. Well done, a good positioning strategy is a revitalizer of the rest of the key elements for business success .

The strategic positioning begins by knowing what you want to tell , structuring the message, making clear the differential value you bring, ensuring that your product and your company can fulfill the commitments you promise and once you have everything perfectly prepared, try it before doing the launching.


Brand Positioning – What It Is For

Working properly the strategic positioning of your brand will achieve:

Clarity of message : your brand acts as an umbrella for other actions so if you have thought properly, it will serve to enhance the rest of your communications. Over time there will be things you will not even have to say because your customers will know them by just seeing your logo.

Gain credibility . “Better worth the bad name …” If you are consistent with your brand positioning you will gain credibility in the market that can become a barrier to entry for your competitors.

Connect your customers to your brand and your products . If you get the relationship of your customers with your products goes beyond the tangible, that is, if you get a loyalty to your products, you have managed to cross the border of the tangible . Something with much more value than many believe.

Especially now with “fans of social networks.”

Differentiation in something other than price . In these times when everything is copied very quickly and where the trend of many markets is towards the white mark, it is very difficult to find a purchasing decision other than price, but if you get the brand of your products make a difference , you will be able to stop being a “utility” and you will be able to mark a different price to the minimum of the market.

Once the utility of positioning a brand is clear, I will try to give my opinion about the big mistakes that are usually made when thinking about strategic positioning.


Does Email Marketing Work ?

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If email marketing works, no doubt, but it works very differently according to what is used. The use and results of Email Marketing is totally different depending on whether it involves actions to attract new customers or “cold sales” or loyalty actions, relationship or direct sales to customers.

The main key is to have a good Email Marketing strategy and know clearly what you are looking for at any given moment. An email must have a goal and everything related to that mail has to be focused on that goal. Nor can it be forgotten that as important as the email itself are the “landing pages” where the links of the emails are directed.


Capture Marketing email does not always work. There are countless factors that affect the sales results of an emailing, but the 2 main ones are:

Knowledge of the brand.

The quality of the database.

If your brand is not known it is much harder to get results through email , mainly because we all receive too many and we do not usually open the emails of strangers. Here the key lies in the title and how to arouse the interest of the potential reader in less than a second, without appearing spam, something devoid of interest or even a possible virus, reasons all of which would lead to the non-opening of the email.

If you combine an unknown brand with a general database and low quality failure is assured. There are many temptations to become a ” spamer “, although if you intend to have a serious brand or are thinking about a project with a long-term future is something to flee without hesitation.

The siren songs send 200,000 emails to a database of maximum quality for $ 99 with assertions rotundas ensuring how well email marketing always and for everything are shortcuts to failure and that, apart from illegal in most the cases, produce irremediable damages on the marks that use it.

If you want to sell by email and your brand is not known my advice is to go to a provider of databases of first level emails that has a large volume of emails, but also a great capacity of segmentation, in order to be able to communicate with segments of target audience interested in your products.

In any case, in these situations the normal is to achieve opening ratios at around 10%. If you take great care of the action and you get a title that impacts on a quality database you can aspire to 20% or even something higher, but 10% is the reality of how email marketing works in these cases.

A good alternative to improve the recruitment results is to get emailing done by a company with clients similar to yours and it is this company that recommends your product. This increases the opening and CTR ratios. But this only makes sense if there is any relationship or link between the two companies or if you offer some kind of special advantage by responding to this particular offer.


Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential For Successful Businesses

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Social media has helped people to network with each other better and has helped in people to reinvent the way they communicate with each other. Now, people are able to know more than what that was possible about someone just through a small conversation, just by checking out ones social media profile, a person is able to know more information and understand the interests, likes and dislikes of a person.

This is very important from businesses point of view, as it will help to attract more new customers by understanding the needs of a larger group of audience, also engage customers to discuss more about the products without influencing them and through this many natural suggestions can be got.
The above information is very vital for success in businesses.

Consumer engagement will help business to understand consumer behavior which in turn will help businesses to improve product quality and make it the best choice for customer and thus will help businesses to become successful.


What is Branding ?

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According to Wikipedia Branding is the process or set of activities aimed at making and creating a brand through the strategic management of the set of assets linked to the name and / or logo that identify the brand influencing the value of the brand, both for the customer as for the owner of the mark.

It does not stop me from convincing the definition, not even touching it, but it serves to make clear that Branding is everything related to the creation and management of brands and that influences the value, both from the point of view of customers, and from the point of view of the owners of the brand.

Going deeper into this idea we could try to explain what a brand is or what it is for, and here we must forget what Wikipedia says. For example, we could use the following definition : “The mark is a name, term, symbol, design or combination of them, that identifies a company and / or its goods or services and differentiates them from competitors, formally and legally protecting its ID”.

From a marketinian point of view, it is often distinguished between direct marketing or “Below the line” and “Branding” to refer to actions mainly focused on attracting customers to brand promotion actions.

Everyone is clear about the value of direct marketing actions and how to measure their ROI, however, the same does not happen with Branding actions. In fact, it has often been used the excuse of “that is actually a Branding action” to avoid having to measure the profitability of it.

The extreme reaction to this type of attitudes has led to the birth of the “catching Taliban” with approaches such as “everything in marketing has to be focused on sales” and other types of short-term ideas very fashionable in times of crisis.

In the world of online marketing, SEO has imposed itself, but for this reason you can not leave aside the actions focused on Branding.

Honestly, I do not think there is anyone who reflects on it dare to argue that the creation of a brand does not bring benefits.


About this there is much literature and I do not want to go into detail, but if I want to leave 2 clear ideas:

A brand is what allows a company to make emotional connections with people.
A brand is what allows to sell similar products with an over cost thanks to its differentiation.

Having said that, I dare to defend before anyone that there is nothing more important than these intangibles, because although there are still people who think that the purchase decisions are something rational, reality, and so Neuromarketing has shown us, is that the vast majority of our buying decisions are emotional decisions that we then rationalize and verbalize .

That a brand is an intangible does not mean that everything related to Branding is something intangible. Something that is managed from the Marketing Department and can not be measured.

I would rather say the opposite: the brand is something that is touched daily by everyone in the company, as I commented in the Customer Service post of 10 , all the interactions of the company and its employees are generators ( or destroyers).

And once arrived here: the measurement of the value of the marks is when we have to talk about Brand equity.


What is SEO? How can it help the Digital and Online Marketing of Businesses to become successful?

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is a form of optimizing or configuring a website to gain more visitors to it. A website that is SEO enabled gets a better ranking in natural or organic searches. They do require to be advertised in search engines through paid forms of marketing.

SEO ensures that the page occurs repeatedly in related search results fed in by a user in any search engine. It is of immense utility in image search, data search, academic articles search and even search for specific news of industry related information.

The process of SEO begins with page indexing. Indexing refers to the linking or ranking of a web page in a search engine’s listing which makes it easy to retrieve it when a search text (known as keywords) is fed into the search engine.

SEO is of great use to brands and corporations as they are able to generate more viewership for their products online without having to spend on outdoor offline marketing. SEO has been in use since the late 90s and today is a mammoth industry with splendid opportunities for webmasters. Every search engine has its own algorithm which further increases the need for SEO.

Also, when it comes to SEO services rendered in the Internet market there are two kinds namely the White hat SEO and the Black hat SEO. In a white hat SEO technique, the methodology is a search engine accepted one and will require time and consistently quality efforts to prove fruitful.

Whereas in a Black hat SEO technique some of the methodologies used might be against search engine guidelines and this may prove quick results however in the long run when detected by Search engines will severely affect the reputation and the performance of the websites in search engine results.


Launch of a Product

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This Monday in Informa we make a great launch of a product and I realized that we did not have a systematic with all the things to do. Thinking about the subject, I have been in the marketing departments of large multinationals such as American Express or Dun & Bradstreet and there was no systematic there either.

Actually, according to what is launched each one takes care of your plot and practice leads you to do better and better, but nothing prevents you from forgetting something … Also, there is the added that when the launch of a product or new service, the Marketing department is boiling and there are too many things to do and everyone is in a hurry …

With this in mind I decided to do my 1st Infographics to illustrate all the key steps involved in launching a product. It is intended for a B2B product launch, but I think it would be 100% applicable to a B2C product. Judge for yourself …


The first is the creation of the product . Marketing has to ensure that there is an innovation, that the product meets the needs of its future customers, and if it can exceed the expectations of future users and that everything related to the Marketing Mix is perfect; especially the product, price and up to the last detail of the packaging, delivery and use of the end user.

Launch . There are still companies that believe that with making a good product is worth , when in reality this is only 50% of the work (the whole internal part), the other 50% of the work is to get the product to customers and get it know, prove, like and have an amplifying effect among customers.

The ” Wording “. I did not know how to call the central part of choice of messages: what is going to say and how and why I have put it wording to refer to:

Product name (which does not match the original idea or name that has been used throughout the development phase)

  1. Positioning
  2. Message
  3. Differential value
  4. Image
  5. What’s New?
  6. Promotions

It is much easier to think of this in global at first and then apply it or modify it to each new piece that is believed, than leave it for granted and create something new for every new item that is believed.

Then comes each of the actions you want to do, for which I have prepared this Info-graphics of the Communication Plan Launching a Product, so that it is easier to see all and from there choose the ones that best fit each case :

Direct Marketing or direct communication: the main focus must be on the customer and do not tell you how beautiful the new product is, but the profits and benefits you will get. After the current customers, the following is the recruitment of new customers, and if the new product deserves it, it would also have to involve the entire staff. The bigger the company, the more sense the stock has with employees.

Advertising Plan . About this point is about what is more I have written, so I will not stop to add anything, just the comment that online and offline advertising should be coordinated. I do not say it has to be the same, but if it is different it has to be because it has been analyzed and it has been decided that it is better for some special reason.

RR.PP . In the previous point paid for appearing in the media, however, in this is the indirect advertising you receive for the journalistic interest you can generate around the new product. The “core” is the new product: its innovation, applications, profits, profits, etc.,

However this is the most difficult to achieve because although the launch of your new product is the most important within the universe of your company, that out of that universe is lacking in all kinds of interest, so you have to think of other niches or indirect strategies like: the technology used, the launch itself for marketing media or the launch party with celebrities, if you can agreements with third parties, etc.

Social Networks : Blog, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook are the big stars, but more and more and depending on your target audience you have to think about which social networks to go to. In short, you have to be where your target audience is and today social networks are the great amplifier of many new product launches.

Web . In the case of Informa and eInforma , the web is everything. Our world is 100% Internet, so 99% of the products we launch are Internet products, but even if your case is not this, you always have to make a special stop to reflect on how you are going to position and communicate your new product In Internet.

Commercial Support Material . As they say: last but not least, everything is related to personal contact: the Sales and Customer Service team is the infantry of any company and you can leave with the basic weapons and rely on their ability and expertise or provide them with all types of coverage: from the latest generation uniforms, to all naval and aviation coverage possible … You have to think strategically and tactically: prepare the great messages, the materials for the 1st printing and the answers to the basic questions and all the necessary material until arriving at the sale. Continuing with the military

simile: if the infantry lack coverage, the fault is Marketing.
And finally, in Marketing you can never forget that all this has to be done: focused on the client and with a perspective of creativity. If the “Magic touch” is missing all the work will be of no use .


Email Marketing Strategy

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The main way to communicate with customers today is email marketing. Mainly because of the significant cost savings it entails and the flexibility it offers to the issuer. One of the main assets of many companies is their database of customers with email contact and permission to communicate with them.

No one ever discusses the importance of the brand and it is strange that there is some great company that does not have a clear brand strategy; however, when talking about email marketing strategy, many companies have nothing identified as such and only stay in procedures and tactics, but without any clear strategy in this regard.

The winning email marketing strategies are those focused on obtaining a database of its own, that complies with all legal requirements, with a continuing relationship with the client and that arouses interest in the recipients.

If any of these 4 elements fails, the strategy will fail, but having the goal clear then you can take the next step and focus on the 5 key points of a successful email marketing strategy:

1.- Creation and Management of lists.

Email Marketing is something that can be used both to communicate with customers and to communicate with strangers, although it must be clear that their effectiveness is much greater with customers than with new target audience, especially if there is no brand knowledge of any kind. Unfortunately, spam has done a lot of damage in this segment and we are all accustomed to delete the emails that smell of advertising or that raise doubts about its issuer.

That is why the first objective of any email marketing strategy must be to generate a database of its own email with which to communicate regularly with interested target public, within the framework of legality and with time and the relationship is improved the perception of the brand.

You have to pay close attention to the previous paragraph because each one of your words has a great importance and we must make sure that we comply with each one of them.

2.- Segmentation.

The big mistake of many is to think that in the world of direct marketing, the segmentation of the database was done only to optimize the costs of communication … and moved by this thought when the email marketing arrived, whose cost of sending tends to 0, have forgotten all the knowledge of years on the subject and have launched to send as many more emails better, with almost no criterion of segmentation.

Knowledge so ingrained in the direct marketing and sales teams of companies as the sale consists of listening and not just talking; that talking to those who do not listen is of no use, that if you send uninteresting communications to your target audience you will cease to pay attention , the importance of long-term relationships on today’s sales, etc.

Have been lost and in many cases the communication with customers through emails has fallen into the hands of technicians more concerned with the optimization of shipments, ratios and percentages of deliveries, than in properly segmenting to communicate reasonably with the clients and with the target public in general.

It is essential to have an adequate communication strategy focused on fostering long-term relationships and providing value to the recipients of communications. Trying to sell everything to everyone indiscriminately, without taking into account segmentation’s that take into account the specialties of the clients and the different moments in the relationship with the customer is a very serious error.

3.- Delivery and opening of emails. The first obstacle is to ensure that you are not classified as spam or to be included in black lists of emails or include terms that are penalized by the email servers. Once the technical aspect of the delivery of the emails has passed, we have less than 1 second to arouse the interest of the recipient of the email and get it to open the mail.

In order to open emails and increase the click through rate everything counts:

Customization . One could speak of a direct relationship between personalization and opening rate and CTR.

Importance of the title . The title is the most important part of an email, so do not leave it to the end and put what we think of at the time, but being the most relevant part is where you have to invest more time to try to find the better alternative.

Importance of the text: an email is not a letter, nor a brochure, so it must be written in a totally different way. The pyramid of communication changes completely in online communication and that is why we must avoid the big introductions, simplify the message to the maximum and put the most important and relevant things at the beginning and clearly visible.

Each paragraph should be a victory that invites you to read the next one, to push you to the action that seeks communication. In short, everything matters: colors, shapes, appearance, lay out … and since there are no magic formulas, the only way to ensure success is through testing and tracking to choose the best alternative.

4.- Branding and look and feel . As I have already mentioned, the main objective of any email marketing strategy should be to create a database with which to maintain a relationship that contributes value, that is why it is fundamental consistency in style and design to create a brand image and that even if sales are not achieved, a gap will be created in the minds of our target audience.

If over time we have achieved that our target audience recognize and value our emails, our opening rate will grow significantly and our brand will benefit.

5.- Analysis of results . One of the great advantages of the online world is the ease of testing almost anything and being able to control the results continuously over time. The continuous tracking of our actions, analyzing the changes and the evolution of results is what will allow us to aspire to excellence in our communication by email with clients.